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World Carbon Emissions Stopped Growing in 2015

Carbon emissions stopped growing in 2015 for the first time in 10 years as the world turned its back on coal and embraced renewable energy.

China led the way in driving down emissions.Wind power capacity grew by 17.4% and solar energy by 32.6% last year with China overtaking Germany and the US as the largest generator of solar power. America’s overall renewable energy capacity increased by 19.7%, Germany’s by 10.9% and Britain’s by only 4.8%.

generator of solar power
There are good reasons for thinking that some of the CO2 slowdown reflects structural forces (pushing for low carbon power) that are likely to persist and grow in importance. But some probably reflects cyclical factors, particularly the contraction of China’s most energy-intensive sectors, which are unlikely to keep being repeated and may well unwind in future years.

The pledges and determination shown by world governments at the Paris climate change talks meant there would likely be further policies aimed at shifting the fuel-mix towards cleaner, lower-carbon fuels, with renewable energy, along with natural gas, the main beneficiary.

The picture below shows the factors behind the slowdown in carbon emissions growth worldwide in 2015.
slowdown in carbon emissions growth worldwide in 2015

A recent study reveals an aspect about solar power system– it contributes to climate change. Solar panels tend to cause regional cooling when converting sunlight into electricity and increase urban area temperatures when said electricity transforms into heat.Large solar installations affect global and regional climate by taking solar radiation and distributing it in a different manner than natural processes. In turn, the farms change local radiation balance, resulting in changes in atmospheric circulation.

The scale of the system, ranging from small, distributed rooftop PV arrays to large utility-scale PV and CSP projects, also plays a significant role in the level of environmental impact.

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